Contribute to the future of humanity with next-generation semiconductor technology


Our Thoughts
(Imagine the greener and safer future)

We are re-imagining the future, with clean and safe UV technologies to use that are capable enough to fight against any infectious germs irrespective of time and place, thereby intending to make the world a safer place for both human beings and animals.

Farmroid is a next-generation UV semiconductor company. Even though our main aim is to inactivate germs that cause harm to humans, we prioritize human's safety. Therefore, we strive to develop a smart and safe UV light source that can be used in the presence of humans and animals with its safety assurances and local standards.

We specialize in wideband gap materials for smart and safe UV technologies that enable a sustainable and healthier life around the globe. With our expertise in the field of Biology, Applied Physics, Material Science, and Engineering Sciences, we struggle to develop AlGaN/GaN-based Far-UVC LEDs, which have a widespread application in Agriculture, Environment, and Medical Sectors. Farmroid aims the sterilization of air, food, water, and surfaces that ensure Environmental, Health, and Agricultural Sustainability, using Far-UVC LED technologies. We are seeking healthy and happy life for plants, animals, and human beings in the universe.


FARMROID with its expertise in the field of Medical Science, UV-Photonic Engineering as well as Energy Band-engineering of AlGaN/GaN/AlN materials, will continue to strive for clean and safe living environment.

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Company Name
Farmroid Co., Ltd.
Headquarters (HQ)
3-22-4 Funado, Itabashi-ward, Tokyo 174-0041, Japan
Manufacturing R & D Collaboration Center No. 2 Building 203
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+81 03-6228-6568

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