Farmroid is a next generation semiconductor technology start-up company that aims at the practical applications of Far-UVC LED for social implementation. The Far-UVC LED, which is being jointly developed with RIKEN, is receiving attention from all directions as an ultraviolet light source that can sterilize viruses with its reassured safety standards in spaces with occupied human beings and animals.

We formed Farmroid in 2013, with an aim to create a new industry in medical, agricultural, and environmental sciences through Bioengineering, also called Biotechnology.Biotechnology is a coined word that means the fusion of biology and engineering.

Humankind has always coexisted with various infectious diseases since the inception of life. The spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has cast a deep shadow not only on humankind but also on the world economy and people's lifestyles. Therefore, controlling all infectious diseases is a global issue for human society now and in the future.

Ultraviolet sterilization is one of the environmentally friendly countermeasures against infectious viral diseases. The history of UV light began at the end of 19th century and has evolved primarily to sterilize water and disinfect bacteria causing skin disease. When UV irradiation was found effective against Cryptosporidium in 1990s, it became widespread in North America and Europe. In 2007, the application of UV sterilization to the waterworks sector was approved by the government of Japan. In addition to water treatment, ultraviolet light was found as an effective means against infectious diseases such as bird flu (H5N1) around 2004 and SARS-CoV-2 in 2020. Mainly there is a vast potential in high contact and traffic areas, and UVC can provide a safe environment to meet and interact safely and freely.

However, UVC LEDs above 230 nm emission are currently available for sterilization purposes, which cannot be used in the spaces occupied by people and animals because they can cause severe damages to human skin and eyes.

The Far-UVC LED at (222-230 nm)-Band emission that we are developing has vast potential and advantages because of its use even in the presence of a living body. It is the beauty of Far UVC LED technology that it can sterilize only the germs and viruses attached surfaces without damaging to the other living bodies. For that purpose, it is necessary to integrate not only engineering of solid-state technology but also medical and biotechnology.

We will continue the research and development of industrial-scale Far-UVC LED technologies under the umbrella of Minamata Convention of 2020 and 17 SDGs of the UN toward its practical applications at the earliest possible efforts. Farmroid will struggle to deliver such eco-friendly and green technologies to improve the quality of life and pay respect to nature.