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Physica Status Solidi Online Version “Highly Transparent p-AlGaN-Based (326–341 nm)-Band Ultraviolet-A Light-Emitting Diodes on AlN Templates: Recent Advances and Perspectives”


An idea of Si-doped n-AlGaN Superlattices (SLs)-based BL, using LP-MOVPE is challenged. Subsequently, a record IQE of 56% at RT and high crystal quality in 341 nm-band UVA MQWs are observed. Finally, using a well thickness ≈ 2 nm in SLs-based UVA MQWs, the light power and external quantum efficiency (EQE), respectively, are remarkably enhanced from 3.5 mW and 0.5% to 7.5 mW and 1.4% on wafer in 341 nm-Band UVA LED.

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