UVBuster is a kind of robot equipped with an ultraviolet-C (UVC) Lamp that runs in an unmanned environment. Furthermore, UVBuster can be used for sterilizing and removing the viruses and bacteria in a hospital while irradiating them with high-power ultraviolet rays. UVBuster has proved its capabilities to inactivate viruses and bacteria, including the new corona variants or strains. There are many application areas of UVBuster, such as medical centres, care homes, hotels, airports, metro stations, shopping complexes, theatres, schools, universities, and indoor sports complexes, etc. However, we mainly focus on medical sites to reduce the burden of domestic medical personnel, during the outbreak of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

Most UV robots sterilize and remove viruses on the wall surfaces, but the sterilization line does not reach the floor or the top of the desk. The UVBuster with variable arm makes it possible to irradiate not only the wall surfaces but also the upper surfaces of the beds and desks, as well as floor surfaces, etc. It was used to irradiate the desk surface of laboratory tables and benches, to store slippers and equipment, and to disinfect and sterilize clean rooms.

Installations and Donations

Delivery of UVBuster to 3 medical institutions-ANA, Peace Winds / Japan support project

Delivering UVBuster to medical institutions in a support project

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the medical personnel and staff members, who are working hard to deal with the new coronavirus infection as a frontline warrior.

During the period of June 1st to 30th, the medical personnel and medical sites who are working at the forefront against new coronavirus infections have received support from ANA Mileage Club members of ANA Group. They were looking for donations by miles from the society members. As a result, a total of 5,499 people cooperated and donated 19,835,861 miles, and the amount equivalent to this mile (1 mile = 1 yen) was donated to Peace Winds Japan*1, a specified non-profit organization.

As a project, to reduce the burden of the coronavirus on domestic medical personnel and the above-mentioned specified non-profit corporation Peace Winds Japan *1, we have delivered the ultraviolet robot "UVBuster" *2 to three medical institutions, i.e., Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Tokyo (delivered in November), Juntendo University Nerima Hospital, Tokyo, and Yodogawa Christian Hospital, Osaka.

ANA Group Press Releases and Videos

  • *1 Peace Winds Japan, a specified non-profit organization
    An NGO founded in 1996, headquartered in Jinsekikogen Town, Hiroshima Prefecture. An organization that supports people at home and abroad exposed to humanitarian or livelihood crises due to human factors such as natural disasters, conflicts, and poverty. So far, Peace Winds Japan has supported 33 countries around the world. The organization focuses on activities aimed at solving social problems in Japan. It is also a member organization of Japan Platform, a specified non-profit corporation, that has concluded a disaster support agreement and is currently implementing support activities for medical sites and medical staff as a coronavirus emergency support project.
  • *2 UV robot UVBuster
    An ultraviolet irradiation robot developed by Farmroid Co., Ltd., in cooperation with Itabashi Hospital, Nihon University School of Medicine. The high-power ultraviolet "UV-C" inactivates viruses and bacteria to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. In addition to the function that the robot recognizes the track and runs autonomously, it has a remote function (webRTC) operation, for operating from a remote location with a PC.

Delivered UVBuster to Yomiuri TV

Introduced "ultraviolet sterilization self-controlled robot" for the first time inside the Yomiuri TV stations as a countermeasure against the new corona (SARS-CoV-2).

We delivered UVBuster, an ultraviolet irradiation robot, to Yomiuri TV in October 2020.

The article is also published on the website of Yomiuri TV.more info.

Delivered UVBuster to Dental Hospital of Tokyo Medical and Dental University

We have delivered UVBuster to the Dental Hospital of Tokyo Medical and Dental University according to the recent announcement made by ANA, Peace Winds / Japan support project.

The status of delivery etc. is posted on the hospital's homepage. more info.

and many more….

We are open to some new collaboration for the applications of Far-UVC light technologies in the field of medical, agricultural, and environmental sciences.